Treeno is a leading provider of enterprise-class electronic document management solutions that are affordable for every size business

About Treeno

What We Do – Workflow Management and Electronic Document Management

Treeno Software develops, sells and supports Electronic Document Management Software solutions with a focus on enterprise class document management features affordable even for small business. Treeno focuses on several key areas that include Documentation Management, Document Management Application Integration, Workflow Management, Document Imaging, and Email Management. Treeno Software is dedicated to providing affordable and flexible solutions to improve the efficiency of your operations and business process management.


Founded in 2002, Treeno Software is a privately owned and backed company located in Portsmouth, NH, offering effective, cost-reducing, industry-leading EDM solutions. All development and support is serviced from the corporate headquarters. Treeno is a highly reputable and trusted software company that has quickly become one of the best of its kind. 

Strategic Consulting

Treeno offers industry-leading strategic consulting services using our proven Treeno’s unique Solution Implementation Methodology (T-SIM). The Treeno Solution Implementation Methodology (T-SIM) encompasses Treeno’s core competencies. The T-SIM is comprised of the following:

  • Analysis
  • Configuration
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Review

Our technicians are trained specifically to analyze your organization’s business process management needs to configure and appropriate solutions, and deploy an easy to use, scalable solution that will deliver measurable results.

The Treeno Difference

Treeno’s core competency is its flexibility to integrate the Treeno Document Management Server to its clients’ core business applications in an unobtrusive, cost affordable manner. Integration automates filing, identification and retrieval process for our clients and allows Treeno to slip stream into the current workflow management processes while reducing administrative tasks – helping to save money and time. Treeno also looks to protect our clients’ investment in their current infrastructure and will integrate very quickly with almost any product. Treeno works with any manufacturers’ scanning device, unlike the approach taken by large manufacturers who provide proprietary systems that only work with their own hardware. The Treeno products are easy-to-use and setup out-of-the-box, and have tremendous flexibility to streamline into companies’ existing business processes.

Treeno’s Software solutions provide document lifecycle management of both electronic and scanned business information from capture and creation to automatic document retention purging. Treeno manages your business information, provides version control with audit access and version history, document workflow processing and reporting and defined retention rules. Treeno also provides secure mobile access to business documents regardless of location. Anytime, anywhere secure access enables business to break through organizational an infrastructure barriers and eliminated slowdowns and bottlenecks.

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“Treeno has the ability to offer solutions and are willing to modify the system.
The tool supports what you do versus you doing what the tool makes you do.
The value is in the technology plus the added business advisory. It is a real
relationship. We aren’t just a number.”

Andrea Hall

Director of I/S, Stonewall Kitchen