Treeno Document Management has all the features and functions of an enterprise class electronic document management system without the high cost

File Management

File Upload

Treeno Document Management provides over 19 simple methods to upload documents and files.

Most commonly used are:

  • Dragging and dropping electronic files
  • Barcodes for filing scanned paper documents
  • Scanning paper documents to a user Inbox
  • Upload button
  • Print to Treeno
  • Send to Treeno
  • Integrated “one click” filing

All files are stored in their native format. Any type of electronic file can be stored and retrieved from Treeno.

Document and File Search

Treeno Document Management provides simple and efficient methods to search for and find document and files

System Search

Simply type in a word, phrase or number and Treeno Document Management searches all files, tabs, folders and sub-folder keyword metadata. Treeno quickly returns the prioritized results based on the closest match by folder, tab level, file level naming conventions and then by OCR text.


Manage all electronic files and documents

Boolean Search

Complex searches are made easy with the advanced search capabilities in Treeno. Users can search from “begins with”, “does not include”, “contains”, and many other useful search criteria. The Boolean search algorithm ensures users’ find the exact information required.

Integrated One Click Search

When an application is integrated with Treeno electronic document management the user simply clicks the Search button on the TreenoConnect tool. Files and documents previously linked will pop up on their screen.

Make searching for your documents and files quick and easy with Treeno Document Management.

Streamline Document Management and File Management

File Preview

With Treeno there is no need to open every file to see if it is the one you want. When rolling the mouse over a .tiff, .pdf and .jpeg file, users can see a high resolution preview without opening the file. This preview allows the user to verify that the correct file is chosen prior to clicking and opening it.


Treeno Document Management 4 File Preview

Treeno Virtual Viewer

When a file is opened the built in Treeno Virtual Viewer allows a file to be viewed by users without requiring the user to have the application on their desktop. The Treeno Virtual Viewer supports over 100 file types without requiring any plug-ins. The ability to view CAD files is available.


Treeno Document Management 4 Virtual Viewer

View Only File Access

The Treeno Virtual Viewer enables the lock down of files to be “view only” access ensuring the security of sensitive information. The built-in viewer enables document types to be viewed by authorized users without requiring the application to reside on the user’s desktop. This integrated viewer enables further security on exportability of files.


Versioning is used to manage and control changes to a file or document. Collaboration is facilitated and users always have the latest correct file. Treeno Versioning allows an authorized user to check-out an electronic file outside of Treeno to be modified. When the file is checked back-in to Treeno, it is automatically assigned a new sequential version number. There’s a detailed audit of who made the changes to the file and the date and time of the modification. By default, the most up-to-date document is available to other users. Authorized users have access to view all file versions. Treeno provides MS Word and MS Excel plug-ins that allow a document to be checked-out, modified and checked-in automatically – with the click of button.

Redaction – Electronic “White Out

Redaction helps to secure sensitive information on a document file. Authorized users secure information easily by clicking the mouse on the information that needs to be hidden, either from internal users, or prior to sending the file to an external recipient. The redaction block is burned into the file so that external users cannot remove the security overlay. Redaction helps companies secure confidential information easily – essential for regulatory and security demands.

Annotation and Mark-Up

Annotation provides the ability to electronically mark up files. Choose the color and highlight an area of a file. Stamp or overlay text. Draw arrows or shapes. The new file, as well as the unchanged original file, resides within Treeno. Authorized users can view all changes to the file, see who made them, and the date and time stamp.

Learn more about how Treeno can help you manage your files and documents quickly and efficiently.

“Treeno has the ability to offer solutions and are willing to modify the system.
The tool supports what you do versus you doing what the tool makes you do.
The value is in the technology plus the added business advisory. It is a real
relationship. We aren’t just a number.”

Andrea Hall

Director of I/S, Stonewall Kitchen