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Accounts Payable

Streamline your accounts payable processes with electronic document management and document imaging

The Accounts Payable (AP) department operations revolve around optimizing working capital and managing volumes of paperwork relating to the AP processes.  The AP department looks for ways to minimize resource-intensive and error-prone processes that increase costs, create inaccuracies and decrease efficiency. Inefficiency leads to missed due dates, late fees and lost cash discounts on invoices.

Treeno Document Management integrated solutions for Accounts Payable makes storing and searching for documents a “one click” process. A Treeno solution integrated with your accounting and ERP system will save you time searching for files when a vendor calls.

Automation Your Invoice Approval Process with Treeno Workflow

The time required for the invoice approval process is cut by 50% or more using Treeno Document Workflow Automation. All the documentation necessary for the approval are stored conveniently in one electronic folder on Treeno. The employees responsible for the approval will receive a convenient email notification when they need to approve an invoice. One click of a link in the email brings them directly to the documents in Treeno’s document imaging system where the required documents can be viewed, notes attached and approved with the click of a button.

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“Treeno has the ability to offer solutions and are willing to modify the system.
The tool supports what you do versus you doing what the tool makes you do.
The value is in the technology plus the added business advisory. It is a real
relationship. We aren’t just a number.”

Andrea Hall

Director of I/S, Stonewall Kitchen