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Human Resources

Treeno Document and Workflow Management Solution streamlines human resources

With Treeno Enterprise Document Management (EDM), your Human Resources (HR) staff can quickly and easily store scanned and electronic employee records-such as resumes, applications, letters of reference, W-4s, I-9s, and insurance forms-in a secure, central repository. Only authorized users can then search and view those documents with a single click from an integrated business application. With Treeno’s powerful document manager & Workflow Automation engine, you can ensure that each document is automatically routed to the right person—at the right place and at the right time.

Treeno EDM helps HR departments automate and manage a variety of processes, including recruitment, on-boarding, training, and auditing. Specifically, Treeno’s workflow management system will help you:

  • Maintain a secure central repository for HR documents.
  • Keep sensitive information secure by minimizing the photocopying of paper documents.
  • Create workflows to automatically distribute job requisitions, policies and procedures, and benefits documents.
  • Grant employees self-service access to their records.
  • Securely view employee records for internal or external audit.

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“Treeno has the ability to offer solutions and are willing to modify the system.
The tool supports what you do versus you doing what the tool makes you do.
The value is in the technology plus the added business advisory. It is a real
relationship. We aren’t just a number.”

Andrea Hall

Director of I/S, Stonewall Kitchen