Treeno Document Management has all the features and functions of an enterprise class electronic document management system without the high cost.

Document Center

Treeno Document Management allows you to manage all your electronic documents and files quickly and efficiently.

This is where all the action takes place – at the Treeno Document Center. Manage all electronic documents and files. Upload documents and files easily with any number of methods. Find information quickly and easily. View any file on the Treeno Viewer regardless of file types.

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Manage all electronic files and documents

Customized User Interface

Users can customize their Document Center screen to hide or re-order folder keyword columns. Each configuration can be unique to the individual user and allows for prioritization of the information. The settings can be saved for future sessions.

Folder Keyword Grouping

Folder keyword grouping allows for a hierarchy of keyword descriptions or metadata, much like you would see on a Windows file share, but without losing the ability to search on all metadata fields. This allows users to view associated data based on a common metadata field, such a name, number or date. Treeno folder keyword grouping allows for flexibility of retrieving like documents providing more control of files and more usability to the keyword metadata values.

“The Treeno solution is providing PSA with the tools we need to manage all of our business documents and to help us to become a truly paperless office.  We have been able to maintain headcount and continue to expand as a business. We are doing
more with what we have.”

Chris Salazar-Mangrum
Director of Integrated Services
PSA Security Network